[STORY] I feel like I hate him, but i know deep down that I love him.// THE REVEREND // Part 1

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I sat next to my dad while he drove past a street in Orange County. New town, new friends... Well, i don't think I'll make any friends. "I seriously don't get why we have to move," I pouted.

"Haley, honey, you know your mom and I are going through a tough time," he started to say. "You mean divorce?" I spat.

I heard him sigh. "But we're starting afresh here. I promise you. It'll be better than New York."

"Can you bring Kathy, my BFF then? Well, I don't think we'll be BFFs after.. No wait, we are moving here, so i guess she's no longer my BFF," i said with a hint of sarcasm.

He smiled. "There's nothing to smile about dad. I miss New York. I miss Kathy. I miss mom." I said.

He shrugged as he parked his red Chevvy SUV outside this huge house. I stared at the house in awe. It was a two floor house. White in color from the outside. Dad doesn't have much of a problem buying this house because he was a architect. A professional one. "Pick your room Haley, you know you want to," my dad smiled.

I tried not to smile back. I was still angry at him for leaving New York. Still, I couldn't help but grin. "Leave your suitcases to me. I'll bring them in. You go explore," he added.

I nodded my head and ran into my new home. I stepped in and saw how amazing it was. The kitchen was small though. Can't blame my dad. He can't cook. We usually depend on my mom for the cooking. There was the dining room, a dining table with matching red chairs. The living room where there was a long couch and a loveseat couch, a huge plasma High-Def LCD screen TV that was stuck onto the wall. A few cushions in between the couches and the High-Def. I walked into the bathroom near the kitchen. A place for showering, the place where you do your business and the sink has the same color as the bathroom's wall- red.

I ran upstairs and saw about four bedrooms. I noticed all of the rooms already have beds and cupboards in them. There was two rooms with a bathroom though. However, one was slightly smaller than the other. I knew I had to give the bigger one to dad. So I went into the slightly smaller one and sat down on the bed. It was comfy. And soft enough to make me sleep without realizing it. But i quickly stood up and went into the bathroom inside my new bedroom. The walls was black in color. Bathtub, a sink and the place where you do business was black. It was neat. I honestly loved my new bedroom. All I have to do now is to plan what things to put where. I didn't realized I was smiling from ear to ear until I heard my dad's voice.

"I knew you'd choose this bedroom," i turned and saw him smiling at the fact that i was quite happy than I ever had been since the separation. He put my luggage inside my bedroom. "Some stuff is still downstairs, though. YOu can unpack them tomorrow," he added.

I nodded my head and he left. As soon as he left, I shut the door closed, opened my luggage and took out my Care Bear pjs. Yes, I love wearing black. But when it comes to night outfits, I'm hot over heels for cartoon characters.

I lay down on my new bed, thinking of the past with mom. How mom will come into my room and kissed me goodnight. Tears started to form in my pale blue eyes. I miss you mom, i thought. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

A difficult desicion [Chapter 1]

"Don't you walk away from me, Emily!" my mom screamed as I almost reached the door.

I halted and turned around at her. "I am not going to sit around and listen to you bullshitting about me to everyone of your friends," I snapped, glaring at her friends around the poker table.

"And I have a job to go to, to pay the rent," I finished and turned away to grab my coat.

"No one asked you to get two jobs," I heard her mumbled.

I spun around in anger. "One job alone is not enough to pay for the food, the rent AND the bills! And even," I pointed towards the poker table, "YOUR DEBTS!"

"Then get a better job," she merely said.

"I would if you'd send me to school!" I snapped.

She glared at me. "What did you say?"

I shook my head. "Nothing," I walked out and slammed the door behind me.

I walked in the cold dark night. I looked at the time that reads : 8.45 . If I don't rush, I'd be late for work. I rushed onto the road to cross to the other side. It was then I heard a loud beep followed by screeches. I turned to see a car heading towards me. I stood there, brain-dead.

A part of me told me to stay and get hit. Another told me to save myself. Before I could react to anything, the car stopped, a mere inch in front of me. The driver got out of his car. "ARE YOU CRAZY!" he slammed the door shut.

I didn't speak, as I waited for the blood in my heart to reach my brain so I can think of what to say. My heart was thumping, pretty darn hard.

"Miss, I'm talking to you!" the driver repeated himself.

I saw another guy at the passenger seat got out from the same car. "Dean, forget about it," the guy told the driver.

"No way Sammy, if my car didn't stopped in time, I would have gotten her killed, and she would turn - "

The guy whom I presumed is Sammy, covered Dean's mouth. "I think we get the idea," Sam tried to smile.

Sam turned to me with an uneasy look. "You have to excuse my brother, he gets a little temperamental sometimes," he apologized.

The Dean guy pushed Sam's hand away. "I do NOT get angry easily," he said defensively.

I shook my head and walked away. "Where do you think your going, Blondie? You haven't answered my question!" I heard Dean called.

I turned to face him, finally knowing what to say. "If you were to bring it to the cops, I would tell them you had a busted headlight. And that was why I couldn't see cars heading towards me," I paused to see Dean having the shocked expression.

I turned to look at the car's plate. "And, in Houston, in case you tourists don't know, a busted headlight is way more of a crime than jaywalking," I finished.

I look at their bewildered faces and smirked. "Later," I walked away, still smirking.

Vampires will never hurt you - chapter 5.2

"dont marry him, Claire. I still love you," Gabriel looked at her, "Please."

Claire quickly looked away. "I'm sorry Gabriel. I can't."

The ground started to shake.

"You can't?" she heard him growled, "Or you won't?"

She spun around to face him. "I won't! You wanna know why? It's because we can never work out. No matter what I do, you'll still murder for power. And I can never live with that if we were together. I'd rather die," Claire snapped, tears starting to form.

The ground stopped shaking.

She dared herself to look into her ex-lover's eyes. She thought he was going to freak out or something. But to her surprise, he took a step back. There was hurt in his eyes. "I still love you Claire. If marrying this guy makes you happy, then I shall be happy for you. Even though deep down, I know that we can work this out. I can mend my ways." he mumbled.

"Goodbye Claire." she watched as Gabriel walked away - probably for good.

Once no one was in sight, Claire sat down and cried. "As much as I want to be with you Gabriel, i can't. I just can't," she wept.

She heard footsteps and quickly wiped away her tears. The door opened and in came her uncle Peter. "You - " he paused and scrutinized her.

"Have you been crying?" Peter asked. Claire shook her head and tried to smile.

Yes. But it doesnt matter because nothing can be done, she thought.

"What do you mean nothing can be done?" Peter asked.

She glared at her uncle. Stop reading my mind! she thought.

Peter looked at her. "Its just tears of joy," she insisted.

He nodded his head. "Anyway, you ready?"

Claire nodded her head as she took her uncle's arms and walked out of the room. and probably into her future.

Vampires will never hurt you - chapter 5.1

Dean was sitting in his Impala, outside a white church.
"Dean, are you sure you want this?" Sam asked. Dean looked at the church.

"I love her dude." dean smirked.

Sam stared at his brother in disbelief. "I know. But this isn't like you Dean. You've barely know her. And -" Sam pointed to the church, "A CHURCH?"

"Whats wrong with churches?" Dean shot.

"First of all Dean, you hate churches. Second, you don't pray. And third, you dont believe in such stuffs!"

"What are you talkin about, I pray!" Dean said defensively.

"State a time where you actually prayed," Sam dared his brother.

Dean opened his mouth but closed it after a few seconds. "Plus, does she know about what we do for a living? Are you going to let her live with scam money?"

"Listen, if you dont want to be my Man Friend, then i'll get someone else to do it." Dean was starting to feel annoyed.

"It's called Best Man, Dean," Sam corrected his brother.

Dean cleared his throat. "I knew that. I was just testing you."

Sam smiled. "I need you Sammy. To be there. To be happy for me. Can't you just be my brother and support me in my decision now?" Dean sounded sincere.

Sam sighed and Dean smirked.


Claire just got off the phone with her friend Kelsey when she jumped to a familiar voice, "You're marrying him?"

Claire spun around and saw Gabriel. Or Sylar. It was hard to know if he didnt wear glasses. "Yeah," she replied simply.


"Because I love him. And he loves me. And he doesn't do murder."

Gabriel grabbed her shoulder and made her face him. "Dont you feel anything for me anymore?" Gabriel asked, hurt.

As much as she wanted to tell the truth, Claire shook her head.

Yes, Gabriel. I love you."

"I dont love you, Sylar."

I love you so much but the evil side of you. The side that craves for power. I can't take that.

"You murder people. For power."

But as much as i want to say how much you mean to me, you'll never change.

"You will never mend your ways." Claire finished.

When she looked up, she saw the pained look in Gabriel's eyes. Tears starting to form around his eyes. Was he actually crying?

Vampires will never hurt you - chapter 4

"I would," Elle whispered coming closer to Sylar.

Sylar scoffed. "Right."

"I heard they're getting hitched somewhere next month," Elle mumbled. He quickly turned his head to Elle. "What?" he snapped.

"Yeah, they are. You mean, you've not been invited?" Elle gave a sad sarcastic look.

He gritted his teeth as he stood up in anger. the ground began to shake. Porcelains fell off the table. It was like an earthquake.

"How can she marry him in such short notice?" he grumbled, the ground shaking harder.

Elle grabbed hold on the couch to steady herself. "She doesn't love you anymore. Why can't you deal with that!" Elle screamed.

The ground shook uncontrollaby. Claire was getting married to Dean. only after a few months. This is not going to happen for Sylar!

An idea crept into his mind. Slowly, he started to calm down, and as he does so, the constant shaking of the ground slowly stopped. He grabbed his coat and left. Elle watched as Sylar went away. "If you won't stop thinking about her when she lives, then maybe you'll stop thinking about her when she dies," she said to herself.

She took out her sidekick and called an old friend of her's. "Gerard? We need to talk."


Somewhere in the woods, Elle stood under this old oak tree. "What's the rush, babe?" a voice freaked her out.

She jumped a little and turned to see Gerard standing behind her. He was wearing this zipped up black leather jacket, black jeans and black sneakers. He looked as if he wore thick black eyeshadow around his eyes.

"I need someone dead."

Gerard scoffed. "You? Need me to kill someone for you? Are you kidding me? You can finish the person off yourself."

Elle just stood there, looking at him without smiling. Gerard's smile faded.

"If you do this for me, I'll leave you alone." Elle said.

Gerard seemed un-moved by the offer. "And, I'll throw in 10 thousand dolars. No pun intended. I also don't want to be involved."

She put down a black bag she carried with her. Gerard looked at it and nodded his head towards the bag. Out of nowhere, this guy, with his fringe flopped over to the right side jumped in front of the bag.

"Who's he?" Elle asked, watching as the guy took the bag. She noticed the guy wearing red eyeshadow.

"Frank," Gerard replied.

"Who's the person?" Gerard asked.

"Claire Bennett," Elle handed Gerard a picture of Claire.

Gerard took the picture and scrutinized the girl's picture. "What did this poor girl ever did to deserve it?"

"It's none of your business. Just do the job."

"How do you want it to be?" Gerard asked.

"I don't know nor do I care. You guys are vampires. Go figure," Elle snapped.

Gerard and Frank's fangs slowly comes out from above their teeth. "You got yourself a deal."
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Vampires will never hurt you - chapter 3

Sylar sat on the couch in his apartment, dead drunk. For weeks Sylar have been following Claire and her new 'boyfriend'. The more he followed them, the more his heart ached. Why does she love him so much... What was so special about her new boyfriend?

Dean he remembered Claire calling her new boyfriend's name.

Dean wasn't special. Dean doesn't have any abilities. So why must Claire fall in love with Dean?

Sylar took another sip from his liquour. "You should be out there hunting for abilities," he heard someone say.

He turned and saw Elle. He didn't even noticed she came in. "Yeah, well, I'm not in the mood. If you can fairly see," Sylar spat as he took another sip - yet again.

"What is so good about him..." Sylar mumbled.

Elle gritted her teeth. "What is soooo special about Claire?" she snapped.

Sylar just kept quiet as he drank from a bottle while staring into space. Elle went closer. "There is soooo many people out there who deserves you... Someone better," she said softly.

Sylar shook his head. "No one is special like she is," he mumbled, then continued, "Who would fall in love with me anyway."

Vampires will never hurt you - chapter 2

[[Back to the present]]

Sylar went back to his apartment. He opened the door and saw a familiar blonde head sitting at the couch.

Claire, he thought, his heart thumped with excitement.

He closed the door and went towards the blonde. "You're finally back," the blonde turned. It wasn't Claire. It was Elle. He balled up his fists. "How the hell did you get in here?!" he glared at her.

"I work for The Company, remember? I have a few tricks up my sleeves," Elle replied, standing up. "I want you to get out my apartment before I slice the top of your head off," Sylar warned her.

Instead, she walked towards him. He, on the other hand, took steps back. "I dare you to do it then, Gabriel. Slice the top of my head off," she dared him.

Sylar raised his arm and Elle couldn't move. "Go on, Gabriel. This is exactly why Claire left you. You murder..." Elle said.

He couldn't bring himself to do it. Even the first time they met, he couldn't kill her. He looked at her and her face reminded him of Claire. He lowered his hand as he felt his legs weak. He dropped onto the stool next to the kitchen counter. And then, he stared at his hands.

Why? Why can't I kill this Elle? he asked himself deep inside. Why am I too in love with Claire?

Elle took this opportunity and walked closer to him. She playfully played with his hair and she caressed his cheeks. "You and I have been friends since... we met in the bar," she whispered to his ears softly.

"Why are you so worked up on getting Claire back?" she whispered, placing her face in front of his.

He looked into her eyes. She went closer to his face and planted a soft kiss.He closed his eyes and felt her tongue forcing their way into his mouth. He slightly opened his mouth. When he opened his eyes, a photograph of him and Claire caught his eyes. "No," he said as he pushed Elle slightly.

Elle looked at him, shocked.


On the other side, Claire agreed when Curry asked her out.

The next day, Curry took her out to this posh restaurant. He was so sweet. Opening the door of the car for her, opening doors for her to walk, lets her sit down. He was something Sylar OR Gabriel never was.

He always made her laugh. He always made her smile.

This went on for a few weeks.

They were hanging up at the beach at night. It was where Claire realised that she was in love again. With Curry. "Claire, I have to tell you something," Curry told her.

She looked up at him. "Claire, these weeks spent with you are the best weeks of my life... I've been out on several dates... And nothing can be compared to the times I've spent with you." he paused.

She was grinning when she saw him blush. "And I know I'm gonna have to tell you this one day or another. Claire, I think I'm in love with you. And I don't want to carry on this lie," he paused as he scrutinized her face.

Her grin turned upside down. "Lie?" she shrieked.

"No, no! Not that lie," Curry quickly said as he held her arms.

She kept quiet for him to tell her whatever he wanted to tell her. "My name is not Curry," he waited for her response.

She just looked at him. "My name is Dean. Dean Winchester. And I am not a detective," he continued.

"But... Why would you lie to me, Dean?" she asked.

"I... don't know," he stared at his shoes.

She made him look up at her slowly and gently. "I don't care, Dean. I'm in love with you too," she said smiling.

Dean smiled as he lowered his face towards hers and kissed under the moonlight.
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Vampires will never hurt you - chapter 1

In the cold dark night, a teenager with long wavy blonde hair was walking as fast as she could. She could feel someone watching her every move. Someone following her. She turned around only to be greeted by the darkness. She's been feeling that way since...

Claire bumped onto someone and immediately fell down. The other person also fell. "Watch where you're going missy," the guy purposely said it out loud.

She stood up and saw him with a gun. She took a step back. He seemed to notice it and quickly put it away. "Whoa, no, no, no! I'm detective Curry," he quickly took out his badge.

His brown spiked up hair was in a mess. Again, she felt someone watching. She turned around again to see the darkness. "I don't think the park is ideally suited for someone as young and gorgeous as you in the night. Especially with so much disappearance going on around here," the cop said.

She looked at him, with the questioning look. "Have you seen anything out of the ordinary? Anything supernatural?" he asked.

She arched an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" she questioned him back.

He scratched his head as if he was thinking of what to say. "You know... Ghosts... Demons... Not your average human," he replied.

He looked up to see her face, not the least smiling. "It was a joke?" he quickly said.

When Curry wanted to explain to her,he shut his mouth instead. "Never mind," he sighed.

That made Claire smile. "For a detective, your pick-up lines are sure 'tacky'," she giggled.

Curry smiled. "I get that alot."


Sylar watched his ex-lover from behind the trees. Watching some detective flirted with her. Sylar felt his heart burn with jealousy. He could come up to them and cut the detective's head off. Then he remembered the reason of why they broke up. - She couldn't take his murdering people.

He didn't want to get into her bad side. He still wanted her to love him. He had hopes for them to be together again. Anyway, she was with a detective. Detective would mean trouble for Sylar. He watches as the two laughed and talked before Claire walks with the guy into a brown Impala.


We used to laugh together and do things together.

Memories of us hanging out together at the park, the beach came into my mind. Everything was so perfect. All I had to do was to not kill anymore. Claire is a good person. And I didn't get why she agreed to be with me. But she was too good that she didn't mind the fact that i was a killer.

Was is a good past tense. In her eyes of course.

But I couldn't stop my hunger for power. The hunger was consuming me. Everytime I don't get to kill someone for power, I get really irritated. And anyone could get hurt - Emotionally and physically.

So yes, I didn't kill anyone in front of her. If I had to kill someone, i'd do it behind her back.

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes. "Do you know how much i love you?" Claire asked, grinning.

I smiled. "No, how much?"

She leaned in to kiss my lips. Her lips are so soft. Her cellphone rang and I heard her curse under her breath. "I'll be right back," she mouthed as she walked out the room.

I made sure she was outside before I took out THE LIST. I looked at my next victim: Micah.
The name sounded familiar. The face of a young boy crept into my mind. That Micah, I thought. I looked at where he was staying.

I smiled to myself, a smile whenever I know I'm able to feed my hunger. "I knew something was wrong," I heard Claire say.

I looked up to see Claire looking at me in a disappointed face. I put the list into my pocket and quickly stood up. "I can explain," I tried to say.

"There's nothing more to say. You're still hungry for power, SYLAR," she choked my nickname out.

She never called me that when we were together. I looked at her with an apologetic look. "Tell me, do you even love me? Or are you keeping me because I can help you rejuvanate?" she snapped.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I looked at her. How can she think that way? Doesn't she know that I...

"I can't continue this lie, Sylar... I'm sorry," she took her coat to leave.

I raised my hand, focusing on my energy for her to not be able to move. "You're using telekenisis on me, Sylar? You might as well KILL me," she said through gritted teeth.

I didn't want her to leave. But I had to... I hope it proved to her that my love isn't a lie. I watched as she walked out the door, without turning once to look at me.

I remembered getting drunk in the bar. "Hopeless in love too?" someone next to me slurred.

I looked at this blonde girl wih bright blue eyes. I took another sip and ignored her. "My name is Elle," she introduced.

I ignored her again. She leaned in next to my ears and whispered, "I know who you are... Sylar." This time, i looked at her as she gave me the smirk.

i quickly stood up. "Easy there tiger... I ain't gonna bite," she said.